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Simple, use the latest analytics to increase the odds of winning in sports wagering.


The latest statistics show that more than half of the population, over the legal age, has placed a bet on a sports team at least once in their life, and this practice is becoming more popular by the day. Analytical tools can look at the historical data, current trends and performance statistics and determine that the team has consistently declined, improved or remained the same in efficiency throughout the season.

Our Story

Sports Wagering & Gaming Inc


The term “sports wagering” has evolved. Back in 1990 people associated sports wagering with NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and College Football and Basketball. As generations change so do our national pastimes.

now legalized sports wagering includes fantasy sports and wagering on people and teams that compete in the video gaming industry. Who would've thought you could wager on a person playing against another in Pac Man? No one ever imagined back in 1990 you could pick a list of NFL players from any team to score points and that list of various players could win you Millions. As sports wagering becomes legal in most states, gone are the days of walking into a casino to place a bet. Now you can walk into a BW3, have BBQ wings, a Coke and pull out your smartphone and wager on football with the BW3 app! Today we have brick and mortar Fan Duel establishments along with online apps from national chains.

Jimmy Steward, Director

Sports Wagering & Gaming Inc


"It truly is an amazing time. Who would've thought that understanding statistics and probability formulas would lead to a career in the legalized sports wagering industry. I’m proud to tell people that I analyze sports wagering data"

Jimmy is the current business and website owner of Jimmy’s Race Reports. The business has been in existence since 2014. Jimmy uses his love of statistics to build mathematical models that measure and predict outcomes in horse racing. Since 2018 Jimmy has used various statistical models to measure point differential between teams in sporting events. Jimmy has a diverse employment background and education. He holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology from Peru State College Nebraska. He also has a Masters of Science Degree in Criminology from Indiana State University.

Jimmy has always had a strong interest in statistics. He was the Senior Statistician for Brand and Market Services, located in Cincinnati. Market Services is a sub-division of Packaging Corporation of America and Tenneco. He served six years as Assistant Professor of Institutional Research measuring the effectiveness of foreign language programs at DLIFLC in Monterey, California. At the height of the methamphetamine crisis in the early 1990’s he was Director of Human Intelligence and Profiling for P&S Consulting where he worked with over 45 Sheriff's Departments Drug Task Forces and The Drug Enforcement Agency to track drug dealers through time and space using social network analysis. Jimmy was also a Management Report Analyst for Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana measuring institutional effectiveness. Jimmy has published numerous papers and has presented white papers on social network analysis showing the benefits of tracking terrorist cells and people caught up in the drug trade.

Lastly, he is proud to have served his country for 21-years in the United States Military both as Enlisted and Officer.


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