What Does SW&G Do?

SW&G Inc. uses statistical analysis to capture low-risk money line odds in sporting events. Our calculated risk of losing a Money Line Wager is less than 2%

Consumers can invest daily with SW&G Inc. using a sector investment incorporating low-risk money line odds. Our guaranteed return on your money is always between 12.5 - 28% ROI daily!

When was the last time you made that in the stock market in less than 4-hours and not have to worry about losing your money.

Here was the week 1 break down and teams we selected


Texas 340 $129

Appalachian St 350 $128

Arkansas State 500 $120

Baylor 550 $118

BYU 550 $118

Ohio State 600 $116

Missouri 600 $116

USC 650 $115

Rutgers 700 $114

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