NCAA Football Week (7) Top Undefeated Teams

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October 16, 2021 Weekend Money Line

Take the ML with teams highlighted in YELLOW

Georgia (6-0) -2200 vs. Kentucky (6-0)

NOTES: Stay Away!

Iowa (6-0) -520 vs. Purdue

NOTES: I would expect a small let down after the tough Penn State Game, however no chance Purdue gets a win

Cincinnati (5-0) -1500 vs. UCF

NOTES: Odds makers want you to take the PS. I would defy them and throw Cincinnati into a ML parlay with 6-teams

Oklahoma (6-0) -400 vs. TCU

NOTES: Is it me, or is Oklahoma just squeaking by week after week - I'll take take the squeakers for the ML Win

Michigan (6-0) vs. Northwestern Oct. 23

Michigan State (6-0) -200 at Indiana

NOTES: Indian beat Michigan State last year (24-0), in fact since 2016 IU plays MSU tough and keeps it close! I believe IU will be tough again, but MSU gets the win

Oklahoma State 170 + (5-0) at Texas

NOTES: Texas is going against a team that just finds a way to win! It's risky, but OSU has a chance and sometimes that all ya need.

Coastal Carolina (6-0) at Appalachian State Oct. 20

Wake Forest (6-0) at Army Oct. 23

SMU (6-0) vs. Tulane Oct. 21

San Diego State (5-0) -320 at San Jose State

NOTES: Honestly, so happy to get -320 on SDST, the ML should be between -700 to -900

UTSA (6-0) -1100 vs. Rice

NOTES: UTSA is just a dam good scrapper! They seem to just have the will to win. The PS is 18.5 I don't like PS games, but hard to believe UTSA can cover that!

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