Investing in money lines

We are not a sports book, we do not take wagers or set odds. We are not a handicapping service, we do not find point spreads or parlay wagers for you to bet. We are not a tout service, we don’t sell other people's sports wagering advice. We are an investment service that deals in daily legal sports wagering money lines. Conversely, when you invest in the stock market, your money is tied to a company stock. Your stock market investment is subject to outside forces that can either decrease, increase or stagnate your investment. Your stock market investment only has value should you decide to cash out.

At SW&G, money invested on sports teams all have an expiring time horizon. SW&G only selects conservative money line returns. Our research presents 12 to 28% return on the dollar with a implied wagering risk that is always less than a 2-percent.


Researchers say they see different behavior among sports wagering investors and sports book bettors. What they noticed is that sports book betters have an emotional component, and that creates behavioral imbalances. Investment wagers prefer to back the favorites, where they get low odds. People that invest in sports wagering pay a premium to bet on the favorites whereas sports book bettors tend to bet against the favorite because they are systematically getting better odds. If you are a gambler our service is not for you.

If you like investing and receiving 12 to 28% return on your investment daily, come join us.

Knowledge And Experience
If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537) (IL).

Investing vs. Gambling

Why Invest in Money Lines?


People who are accustomed to investing, prefer minimal risk and are willing to be patient. For investors of sports wagering the issue becomes finding a favorable money line. Let's use college football for example;


If we wager a money line on a home team favored by 17 points, the money line can vary from -600 to -975, there is a great deal of fluctuation in college football money lines. The -600 on a $200 wager returns $33.34 at -975 the return is $20.52. Therefore, if SW&G finds the probability of a money line loss at less than 2%, it would be very profitable if you can secure a money line between -600 to -700.


For example, should SW&G identify 10 games every Saturday at -600, ($2,000 in wagers) this would net $333.40 ROI as opposed to 10 games at a money line of -975 netting $205.20.


Bottom line, in a 13-game college football season (Sept - Nov 3-months). -600 returns $4,334.20 and a -975 returns $2,667.60 And who couldn’t use an extra $4K.

Money Line Investing

College Football

SW&G makes the client aware of what the trends are. There are 137 Division 1 football teams and over the course of a season each team plays a minimum of 6 home games which equates to 822 potential opportunities to wager. Roughly 65% of these home teams are favored to win (N=492).  In 2019 there were 488 teams favored in 2018 542 and in 2017 a total of 530 were favored. Currently there are 25 teams in the NCAA with over 90% win percentage when favored at home. Additionally, roughly 96% of all home teams when favored by 17 pts or more have won their games since 2014.